LED Ring Lights

Microscope illumination without shadows

Our range of LED ring lights provides solutions for almost types of microscopes and camera objectives. The light of all LED ring lights is absolutely flicker-free and provides an homogeneous illumination. Each series consists of different models with differnet working distances, light colors and inner diameters. So you can choose the perfect ring light for your application.
The main field of application for LED Ring Lights is microscopy. It is mounted on the objective and provides a shadow-free illumination for exact results in research and quality assurance.
In addition, there are many other areas of application where LED Ring Lights re the best choice for illuminating in a professional way.

A round thing in various dimensions

Mini LED Ring Lights - RL1 / RL2 Series

LED Ring Lights of the RL1 series and the RL2 series with their compact design are used in applications whereever space is limited. In spite of this they provide high brightness, eg. for camera applications or as illumination for production machines. Both series are available with two different working distances.

RL4 Series and RL5 Series

These LED Ring Lights are designed as incident light for microscopy. Their working distance complies the typical distance between objective and stage of standard microscopes. In each series you will find two versions with different inner diameters which will fit to nearly all commercial microscope objectives.

High-Power LED Ring Light - RL12 Series

The RL12 Series provides enormous brightness thanks to its 12 High-Power LED. So these LED Ring Lights are suitable for applications where a high-lumen illumination is needed. There are five different models with various geometry which means a high flexibility in working distance. The RL12 Series is the perfect choice for professional applications like high-speed imaging.